Piccoli Lab

A Mathematical Biology Lab

At Rutgers University–Camden


Our research group uses computational biology and mathematical modeling in order to tackle questions in a host of different fields. Ongoing projects range from the study of metabolic pathways in order to better understand tuberculosis treatment to compartmental SIR model optimization in order to better understand the COVID–19 pandemic, to using control algorithms to further the capabilities of autonomous vehicles.

Modeling The Control Of Covid Via Non-Pharmeceutical Intervention

The motivation for this study was to forecast as early as possible the hospital bed shortfall in New Jersey from the COVID-19 pandemic. By quickly assembling a collaboration between the Center for Computational and Integrative Biology, the Senator Walter Rand Institute, and New Jersey Health Initiatives, we were able to release a briefing on March 16, 2020 which Governor Murphy cited in a letter to the president of the United States, which can be read Here.